Cancellation FAQ

For Pet Owners, cancellation is free if the chosen pet sitter is not suitable after a meet and greet. For any other reasons a full refund may be requested, less 6% administration fees. For purposes of the policies and terms in this Section, the date of cancelation is the date a user cancels through the service, regardless of any separate communications between users outside of the service.

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Before booking starts

  • If the chosen Backer is not suitable after a meet and greet, cancellation is free.
  • For any other reasons a full refund may be requested, less 6% administration fees. However if you would like to choose another Backer, the amount paid will be transferred to the next Backer and any excess will be refunded in full to your balance which can be used for subsequent bookings.

After check-in

  • If the cancellation is due to personal reasons such as a trip being cut short, the period that the service has been rendered will need to be paid in full and a 50% refund will be provided for the remaining booking period.
  • If the cancellation is due to a complaint or dispute, notice of the complaint or dispute must be given to PetBacker before the cancellation will be processed. The final amount to be refund will be decided when the dispute has been resolved.
  • PetBacker will mediate when necessary, and has the final say in all disputes.
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If a Service Provider cancels a Booking prior to or during the service period identified in the Booking, we will refund the fees paid by the Pet Owner for Pet Care Services not provided, as well as any service charge paid to

Service Provider cancellations are taken seriously. If you are a Service Provider, you acknowledge that cancellation by you may result in a review of your account and, if we deem it appropriate, a fine of USD100, suspension or termination of your access to the Service.

If the cancellation is suspected to be fraudulent, you may be liable to a fine of 40% of the booking value that was cancelled as well.

If you have more than 3 cancellations and more than 5% of the number of jobs hired and cancelled, the number of cancellations will be displayed on your listing profile which may adversely affect the number of requests you will receive.

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Though it's rare, occasionally a sitter or dog walker has to cancel at the last minute. If that happens to you, we've got your back: Every booking made through PetBacker is covered by our reservation guarantee. Here's what that means.


We'll Give You a Refund

If a sitter or dog walker cancels your booking within seven days of your start date, we'll give you a refund.


We'll Help You Find a New Sitter or Dog Walker

We'll get in touch with you ASAP, but you can also reach out to us directly via the app. —we're here 24/7—or contact us here.


Though availability varies widely, we’ll do everything we can to help you find a great replacement. If you book with a more expensive sitter or dog walker, we'll cover the cost difference between the original booking and your new booking, up to 12% of the total cost of original booking.


We're Here for You

We promise we'll do everything we can to make sure you and your dog love your experience, and the reservation guarantee is a huge part of that.

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If we determine in our reasonable discretion that a Service Provider has failed to provide Pet Care Services in accordance with our guidelines and policies on the Site or these terms then we may, in our reasonable discretion, cancel a Booking and issue a full or partial refund to a Pet Owner.

Was this helpful? issues payments to Service Providers 48 hours after completion of a Booking. Once these amounts have been disbursed, any further payment dispute are between the Pet Owner and Service Provider, and has no obligation to mediate or facilitate any resolution.  Further, has no responsibility or liability with respect to any tips, bonuses, or other payments made outside of the Service.

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